This blog began as an extension of the writing I do as a member and student of the International School and Forum of Nevzorov Haute Ecole (NHE). This school of hippology  promotes communication with and education of horses without means of coercion. The foundation principles are: First, do no harm; the horse is always right; and the horse is an exact science.  From these tenets, NHE students embrace and pursue relationship development and the study of the horse for who he really is for his own sake and not what he could be for our use.

It was from NHE that I was  first introduced to the concept of abolition of use of an animal for any variety of human desires and endeavors, that a horse has a right to live without owing us anything. Though NHE has a focus on the study of horses, its principles apply to all animals.

After being a vegetarian for many years, it was through discussion with my fellow students that I recognized how veganism was imperative to the cause of abolition of animal use. I encountered the work of Gary L. Francione and continue to study it as another significant influence on my education.

Metaevolutionary is my term to accentuate the interconnectedness of the sciences, spirituality, intuitive morality and the idea of holism when evaluating our discoveries, research and observations on any subject.  It also speaks to having awareness  of our own influence on the state of the world.

My essays may explore comparisons and contrasts between nature and culture, language, education, leadership, morality and consciousness — more or less.

This site is not only a laboratory for my writing and the pursuit of self development, but it is intended as a resource for others in similar pursuit.


I’m Donna Condrey-Miller

Long ago I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. By profession I am now a trained barefoot hoof care practitioner.  I have been awarded the privilege to be the official NHE Representative in California.  I am vegan, advocating for animals to have the right not to be property.  Mostly, I am curious and earnest.



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